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Keep Mercury Out of the Environment

When you recycle your compact fluorescent (CFL) and other fluorescent bulbs with Southern Colorado Services & Recycling LLC, you prevent the release of mercury into the environment.

  • Glass

  • Metal

  • Phosphor

  • Mercury

  • Circuit board

Virtually the entire bulb is recycled

The system we use to recycle your fluorescent bulbs is called as Bulb Eater®. This system is in full compliance with the EPA and OSHA, and captures 99.99% of released vapors.


If you have other types of bulbs to recycle, there is a small fee. Call us for a FREE quote on those charges. To learn more about recycling CFLs, visit the EPA website.

Complete recycling system

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-E Vanotti


Recycle your propane bottles here.


Some fees apply, please call for details.


We don't recycle aluminum cans